Sense and Respond Marketing

Next Generation Sales and Marketing

Marketing is lagging behind customers. Today, using the most advanced information systems, processes, training and development, there is the possibility of a more even balance between supplier and customer, in which each engages in a productive dialogue about their future plans. We call this sense & respond marketing .

The credo of most marketers is this:

“We, the clever marketers, gather data from you, the customers. We analyse it, profile you, and tell you want you want next.”

But this does not work for many customers.

The sense and respond idea

So let’s see how we can improve all this, using the idea of “sense & respond.” Stephan Haeckel’s Sense & Respond approach suggests that any group within an organization may manage itself in a way that is most appropriate to the situation, with people are empowered to determine how to produce the outcomes they negotiate. We are suggesting that we apply this idea to how suppliers and customers “dance together”.

In this world, businesses sense customers – who they are, their actions, thoughts and intentions. The business “brain” then translates the information from sensing into a statement of targeting – which customers to deal with, a statement of customer requirements – what customers need, when they need it etc. They then use information from sensing to respond by giving customers what they want, and will want, when they want it, or when they will want it, at the right value – now and for the future, through the right channels – now and future, customised where appropriate, while making profit. They keep sensing to identify whether they have really achieved what they want with customers.

Quarto Consulting has teamed with Professor Merlin Stone and Bryan Foss in the development of the Next Generation Marketing and Sales method.


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