Rail and Transportation

Quarto has been involved directly with these sectors for over 15 years. Our work includes culture change initiatives, the development of partnering, leadership and management skills from the strategic and planning levels of our clients right down to the sharp end teams which work “on the rails”.

A good example of the scope of our work in this sector is our work with what was originally BREL, a five-year project to completely transform both its operational as well as Health and Safety Culture. Quarto still works closely with Bombardier today, a legacy and a relationship of which we are very proud.

Currently we are working closely with organisations working to create a world-class tube for London as well as bringing our expertise to the challenge of transforming an industry sector in rapid and exciting change.

We provide leading edge Health, Safety and Environment services and development which has completely transformed the working practices, safety and business performance of a number of companies. For more details on this aspect of our work please contact us.