As people become increasingly important as a key business variable, Quarto Consulting is there working closely with clients to ensure that they create a team able to lead the field and consistently delight customers and stakeholders.

Partner Organisations


Quarto are proud to partner with WCL, a company specialising in helping large private and public sector enterprises manage complex change. Quarto and senior WCL staff have worked together collaboratively for over twenty years. Both organisations are famous with their clients for ‘making change happen – and making it stick’. What makes us different is the way both of our companies work with our client teams to achieve a vision in a practical, people-oriented way.

We recognise that the engagement and commitment of people, partners and suppliers is critical to success where any behavioural change is required. Our joint approach is to identify all stakeholders in the programme and build their confidence in achieving the outcomes. We do this through communication, collaboration and the careful stewardship of their engagement and commitment to the programme.


Wilson Learning and Quarto have been business Partners for over thirteen years and operate world-wide in over 20 countries. We are pleased that Wilson Learning have been delivering Quarto Intellectual Property and Change Programmes on a world-wide basis and in local languages. Wilson Learning is an organisation committed to the development of human potential in whichever role or path a person chooses. We have jointly delivered large scale programmes of change together sharing in the design, development delivery and the evaluation of these change interventions.