The Behavioural Style Preference Indicator – BSPI

BSPI CollageThe aim of the BSPI is to help you better understand how you relate to the world and other people, and then in turn, how they relate to you. The approach taken by the BSPI is easy to understand and is based on over 25 years of experience in its use, by many thousands of individuals in over 20 countries.  We use it because it is simple, and it works. Based on completion of a snappy web-based questionnaire, the BSPI delivers a personalised 27 page report, crammed with an explanation of your personal behavioural Style preference and pages devoted to coaching and hints and tips for better interpersonal communication.

Areas covered include:

  • Your Personal BSPI Profile and what this means
  • Creating More Effective Interactions
  • Influencing Others
  • Handling Conflict Situations
  • Leadership
  • Dealing With Risk
  • Your Highest-Rated Values and how your Style Preference impacts on these
  • Making Changes and Planning For Success

“Just a quick note to inform you of how interesting and very useful I have found the BSPI to be. I have read the full report now and have really benefited from it. The suggestions part of the report which breakdown the approaches one may take with the different personalities in given situations is very revealing.”

You must hear this all the time, but I really wish I had this input a few years ago. It’s definitely sharpened my approach and I’ve already started to benefit from it with only subtle changes in my use of language!

“Thank you once again for a fantastic course, which has really stimulated my thinking beyond the career I am currently engaged in. I really needed it.”

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