Strategy Formulation

Quarto has recently joined forces with Sinfonia Management Systems Ltd, an international research intensive consultancy dedicated to improving corporate performance through the application of its high-powered proprietary strategy system

Sinfonia Strategy synthesises, transforms and transcends existing strategic management ideas and approaches and delivers an accessible and practical system for delivering the corporate vision and creating value.

The Sinfonia system is completely consistent with the thinking underpinning Quarto’s own methods, tools and techniques. When used together the results have proved transformational. This is what makes Quarto-Sinfonia such an exciting partnership.

Sinfonia is the brainchild of Professor Charles Harvey and Thomas Lawton. Charles is a acclaimed Professor of Strategy and International Business and Thomas is senior lecturer in Strategic Management at one of the UK’s premier research-led universities. They are both distinguished authors and have between them published numerous articles and academic papers.

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