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Strategic Change and Individual Programmes

Our work spans the strategic – assisting our clients to plan and then execute a major change initiative, through to providing our clients with a single training programme in a specific skill development area.

We have a great deal of experience in working with clients in developing programs which will deliver specific business objectives or to achieve a change in cultural behaviour.  For other clients our projects are more defined, perhaps to develop a specific work group in specifically required skills.

For some it may mean the creation of an entire development curriculum.

Whichever it is we bring the same level of commitment and expertise to all the work we undertake.

Individual Programmes include: (click on the programme for more information)

The BSPI – What’s Your Style?

Find out how Quarto Consulting’s Behavioural Style Preference Indicator could transform your personal effectiveness and communication skills.

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Major Project Case Studies

The following Case Studies provide a brief overview of our more strategic international change work.  If you are interested in any of these please contact us.

  • The IT Revolution – From Products to Services
  • Culture Change in the Rail Sector
  • Increasing Productivity in Financial Services
  • The Leadership Challenge in Construction
  • Helping to Introduce New Models of Organisation
  • Organisational Integration, Alliancing and Partnering