Media Division

Quarto Consulting has extensive experience in developing partnering relationships with many organisations, some of these are shown below.

We have simple yet powerful tools for effective team working, these are our “effective tools for busy people.”
We take a pragmatic approach that generates real value and develops great team work, partnering and alliancing skills

The Quarto Media Division has been established with two key tenets.

The first is a commitment to produce technically precise training and communication films with the highest production values that will compliment the other services offered by Quarto Consulting. Our aim is to create highly focused training packages and work closely with clients to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and utility in the following areas. E.g.

  • Risk Management,
  • Customer behaviour
  • Corporate Induction

Risk Management

  1. emergency procedures
  2. health and safety
  3. environmental approach
  • Project Management
  • Team Briefs
  • Meetings behaviours

For Team Building We also offer an original team building initiative in which your people become film makers, involved in all aspects of the actual production process over a two day period, by the end of which, you would be able to screen the ‘premier’.  In this way your people would utilise our skills and experience to take ownership of the project and produce their own training or communication film.    We work with clients experienced in media projects as well as those with no prior experience.  This is a fresh and innovative approach to training and communications.  All our work is client led – it is driven by your vision, your ideas.  We will work closely with you to ensure we understand exactly what you want.

The Quarto Media Division utilises the latest technology to meet the demands of clients in the ever advancing media world.  We use the latest digital audio visual capturing equipment and industry standard Final Cut edit suite employing advance and innovative editing techniques.

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