Leading Projects

The Leading Projects Programme had been specifically designed to provide an opportunity for new and experienced Project Managers to improve and develop their leadership skills in the way they work with key project and client personnel on Projects.

Who is it for?

  • New as well as experienced Project Professionals
  • Project Leaders working in complex client and team environments
  • Project Leaders working to deliver in time-pressured environments where synergy and inter-team support and goodwill are paramount
  • Project Leaders who need the cooperation and commitment of their suppliers to enable on-time delivery

What the Programme covers

To assist Project Leaders to:

  • Understand the Project Leadership process and the framework that describes it
  • Establish credibility with their Project Team and Stakeholders.
  • Question and listen more effectively as part of the Project leadership process
  • Persuade and influence more effectively
  • Secure and maintain commitment to an agreed course of action

What to do next

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