Leading Change

The Leading Change Programme has been specifically designed to equip professionals who have to communicate their expertise to clients (both internal and external) and who are required to influence an outcome and ensure that change happens.

Who is it for?

  • All managers who are involved in implementing change
  • All professionals and  managers who are involved in designing and implanting change
  • Technical professionals who need to bring about change as part of their work programme

What will they get from the Programme?

The Programme Covers Three Key Areas

  • Devising Change programmes
  • Leading people through change.
  • Gaining the commitment of others  to change

The programme provides two essential components for the Change manager’s tool-bag:

  • Frameworks for devising effective change programmes
  • Techniques and skills that can be used for planning, implementing and reviewing change.

“Live” business situations provided by the participants, form the subject matter of the real-life practice sessions central to the course.  No artificial role-plays are used.

What past participants say about the programme:

  • This has enabled me understand why previous change programmes have worked well or not
  • It has given me skills to engage the commitment of some very difficult and resistant colleagues to the changes my organisation needs to make
  • This is the most useful change programme I have ever been on – and I have been on many over the years
  • The Quarto tools will be invaluable to me
  • I had never realised that change could be led and managed in such a  tangible and skilful manner
  • Great programme I wish I could put my whole organisation through this

 What to do next

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