Intellectual Property

Our bank of Intellectual Property, an asset of which we are very proud, is now licensed to a number of strategic business partners, allowing us to deliver Quarto Consulting training and development programmes globally in over 15 languages.

We also enable our clients to take advantage of our Intellectual Property and Training Programmes under licence, supported by rigorous trainer-training and full ongoing support.  Please contact us if you are interested in exploring this option.

Quarto’s core tools include:

  • EDICT® – Our Core Professional Framework
  • 7P® – Our Core Professional Analytical “tool”
  • 3LT™ – A tool for questioning, listening and understanding
  • BSPI – The Behavioural Style Preference Indicator

Supporting concepts:

  • Hilltops – Our unique perspective on the world
  • Cloudline – How to understand and maximise internal and exernal relationships
  • The Russian Doll – How to understand layers of organisational complexity
  • Person and Situation – We omit to understand either one at our peril
  • The 3 Variables – The Client, The Consultant and the Business Issue
  • The Consulting Continuum – Are you using the right approach?