CloudLine AI

Quarto’s CloudLine AI –Industries Organisational insights tool

CloudLine AI is being developed to analyze organisational performance at any scale across organisations and predict future problems to provide timely interventions.

CloudLine AI has combined its powerful 7P™ with AI to provide managers with a rapid ‘truth identifier’ to reveal issues affecting organisational performance so that action can be taken early.

  • The 7P™ Model, one of Quarto’s flagship pieces of Intellectual Property, is designed to provide organizations with a method of understanding and interrogating organizational performance across a number of different components parts of the business – Divisions, Functions, Projects, Teams, Professional Roles and Development Needs.
  • Because the same 7P Model is used to measure success of each of the component parts, it will allow for the aggregation of this performance data to provide an overall picture of the goal achievement and success of the organization overall.
  • It also enables an assessment between organizations of process and cultural ‘fit’. This can be an early alert to critical issues in partnering and collaboration activities such as in supply chains, merging or acquiring, and competitive market places.

At the heart of 7P™ is the ability to deal with different professional orientations, communication methods and styles across organisations. This previously caused Organisational Development professionals real difficulty in diagnosing problems. With CloudLine AI there will now be an organisational tool to analyse and decode the mountains of subjective and unstructured information (as well as structured data) from project reviews, meeting summaries, start of day sessions, ERP Systems staff surveys and HR systems. CloudLine AI will quickly decipher meaning and allow managers to take targeted action before real bottom line headaches occur.

The power of CloudLine AI will be used in a number of complex organisational analysis applications such as:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Alliancing governance
  • Joint ventures
  • Board Room reporting
  • Programme management
  • Departmental performance.

“CloudLine AI brings insight for action.”